Help for common problems

When you see this yellow square with this or a similar message, it indicates that the donation widget could not be loaded correctly.

The most common cause is your adblocker being too strikt with us.

To load the donation widget correctly, please disable your adblocking for and

screenshot from adblocker warning

Locate the AdBlocker plugin in your browser. In this example it is AdBlockPlus in Firefox. Others should look and behave similar.

Disable Adblocking for to enable donations.

Don't worry, we won't use this trust to display you advertising. It is just, that AdBlockers see Browser-Mining as something, that you potentially don't want.

Steps to take to deactivate adblocking

It looks like everything is set to go, but nothing is happening. No numbers ticking and no totals building up.

This is a tricky one. Either, you are mining in a different open tab or the communication of the donation widget is blocked.

Whereas the first is simple: Locate the other donation tabs and pick the preferred for mining. At the moment only one tab can do the calculation for you. This helps to prevent multiple donation tabs from interfering with each other.

If communications doesn't work: It is often related to firewall settings that forbid websocket connections. Please allow connections to and

Screenshot of project page with mining widget doing nothing

These messages come in different styles and looks. But the information will be similar to the one in the screenshot.

In this case, your antivirus wants to block the mining approach used in for donations.

Though the process is safe, it has been misused to steal computing power from people who did not give consent by bad websites in the past.

For this problem, we can only ask you to allow the connections - despite what your antivirus tells you. We know this is a lot to ask. Especially if you are a non tech-savvy person. So we understand, if you don't want to give load the donation widget at this point.

We work on a solution for this.

Example of a warning, antivirus could give for