What projects can apply?

Your own helptab.org page

We work on making this new way of funding available to everyone. However at the moment the application is limited to official projects. An official project is a project with an registered organisation or company (e.g. school, church, municipality, private organisation or company). These can be many things, like e.g. animal shelters, child care, hospitals or environmental topics. At this moment it is important for us to verify who you are as the recipient of the donations. Ideally, your project is specific (may be one your sub projects) though general donations are possible when you are a very local organisation.

It is ok if you as an individual make the application as a help for organisations that don't know how to use or have no access to the internet. However the funds need to go to that organisation directly. We are not sending funds to private persons at the moment.

So when you send us the initial application, Make sure you can speak for that organisation and provide us a brief description of:

  1. Who you are you and what's your role with the charity project?
  2. What does your project do (and where)?
  3. How do you want to use the funds?

For a pretty average desktop or laptop you can expect a computing power of 50 computations per seconds (hashes per second; H/s). Let's assume that one user supports your projects with an average of 2.5 hours per day. Over the course of a month that person will have donated about 250,000 computations which equals around 0,001 Monero. At the current exchange rate this would be around 0,10 US Dollar.

Whereas you have little influence on what hashing power your supporters provide or how long they stay (though both have a big influence) you can work on gathering supporters for your cause. With a hundred users it's already 10 dollars you can raise per month. When these hundred users have very strong computers and stay twice as long it's already 40 dollars your could achieve.

Just by presenting yourself on helptab.org you won't reach far. The key to a successful funding is engaging with your own local or digital community (twitter, facebook, instagram etc). Raise awareness of this new way to support your project.

As a summary these factors influence your individual outcome:

  1. How strong are the computers of your supporters?
  2. How long are users staying on your project page?
  3. What is the Monero Exchange rate (if you want to convert to Dollar, Euro or alike)?
  4. How many supporters can you activate to visit your project page?

Helptab.org is operated using the Monero Blockchain. As such, funds flowing in and out of HelpTab are made in the privacy cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). To recieve these funds, you need a Monero wallet. Depending on your operating system there a different options. The official download page provides a good overview and links to some mobile wallets at the bottom. https://getmonero.org/downloads/

We will not make payments in Euro or Dollar. We are working on this. But so far, payments are only in Monero.

You also need to make sure if you have any specific laws in your country that require you to claim these funds in your tax declaration in any way. You also agree that we provide the transaction proof along the transaction hash on your projects profile page as proof of payment to the world.

So these are the takeaways for recieving funds:

  1. Payments happen only in Monero (for now)
  2. Thus you need an Monero wallet to recieve funds
  3. How you exchange the Monero to your local currency or another crypo currency is up to you

All understood - So how do I apply?

If you understand these points, please be invited to fill out the form linked in your profile. After a brief validation we will contact you via email. Please allow a few days for checking your details from the application.

If accepted, we will describe the details needed (e.g. location, pictures, description) and walk you through the whole process. The application is free of charge and comes with no obligations except the ones mentioned above.