Current status

The Monthly Jackpot

21st of November 2018: The next draw will happen on November 15th 12:00 pm UTC.

We provide 1 XMR from our own pocket and give this amount to the lucky user!

  1. From all rewards we recieve for the hashes all our users have donated, we take 5% and put it in an extra wallet. The plan is to have this draw once every month where these 5% add up to 0.1 XMR.

  2. If the pot for the draw is bigger than 1.0 XMR there will be two users who can each win half of the total pot. For every extra XMR in the pot, we will add one more winner. So no user can win more than 1.0 XMR.

  3. When you are logged in and donate to any project on 10 (ten) different days during the 30 days prior to the draw, you will automatically be added to the next draw. It doesn't matter if it was a few minutes or hours in total as long as we have some shares recorded for you.

  4. You can check on your accounts page if you currently qualify for a draw. It will say "you are in" on a coloured icon (golden horse shoe) when you meet the requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, this icon will be gray and say "not yet".

  5. If you are a lucky winning user, we will contact you. Please note: as the win will be given in the crypto currency Monero (XMR) you need an XMR wallet address to recieve your prize.
  1. How do I participate?
    (a) You need to have an active user account.
    (b) You have to be active on 10 (ten) different days for the last 30 days prior to the draw on November 15th 2018.
    (c) You have to be logged in when you donate to make your donations count for this.

    Essentially: As long you visit us every other day and donate for a few minutes, you will be good.

  2. When does the draw happen? What days count? What's my chance?
    The draw for the jackpot will usually happen about once a month. We then look 30 days backwards and check how many days of those you have been active. All users that qualify will be automatically entered a "candidate list". You can see your status on your account page.

    Depending on the size of the jackpot, we will then randomly pick a certain amount of users with a simple random number generator. So this is a complete game of luck with no skill involved. So when there are 1.000 users that have qualified in a month, you chance to win is at least 1:1000. With a larger jackpot this chance increases as more than one user can win. So for 1.000 users that qualified and 1.5 XMR to win, your chances are 1:500 to win 0.75 XMR (and so on).

    For this round it doesn't matter if you donated for hours or only for minutes. Your participation happens automatically. Please note the different time zones. We use the timezone UTC±0 (so when it's midnight in London [UK]), you might want to consider this.

  3. What's the jackpots size / How much can I win?
    From all the Monero (XMR) we recieve from all donations, we will put 5% in a dedicated wallet. These 5% will be given to one or more randomly selected lucky users - usually once per month. The jackpot has to be at least 0.1 XMR in a given month to happen. If it is below, there will be no winner, instead the amount will be rolled over to the next month, until the pot reaches at least 0.1 XMR.

    If the total lucky pot is larger than 1 (one) monero, there will be two winners (and so on). We will add an extra winner for every extra Monero in the pot. So no user can win more than one full unit of Monero. Which is again still a nice amount. You could buy a new tyre for the car, buy some paint for the appartement. You know, something little but big enough to bring some joy.

    Essentially: is about sharing and not making people rich - we believe it's nicer when there are more winners instead of a single large amount.

  4. How do I recieve my reward?
    If you are the lucky winner, we will contact you. We leave it up to you if you want to go public about it, want to donate the jackpot or send it to any Monero wallet id of your choice. The amount of XMR will only be transferred in XMR (no Euro or Dollar). If you fail to reply to the winners mail within 14 days, the amount will reenter the Jackpot. Also: you are responsible for potential tax declaration of your win (if taxation applies to you in your country).

    Essentially: No strings attached - you just need a monero wallet (either as desktop wallet or online wallet).

  5. Other / Why this lottery?
    This giveaway is an experiment. We want to reward the faithful users of that keep donating. The conditions may change in the future, but we'll try to keep it simple for a while. The signaled status on your user profile page implies no legal claim (legal recourse is excluded).

    We think it is a nice idea to give something back to contributing users. The 5% for the jackpot are taken from our share for operating costs. This way the focus of supporting charity doesn't get diluted and the vast majority still goes straight to where it's needed.