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Wallets used for operations of helptab.org

Helptab.org is a new way to collect funding for different organisations. As long as a help organisation is accepting crypto currencies, we can provide unalterable proof of payment. And you can follow every penny. We believe that is something very remarkable and ensures a high efficiency in fund distribution.

Transparency is very important. You trust us with your donations as tiny or big as they may be, how can we demonstrate the use and that we are not taking the cake and walk away?

We think having dedicated wallets for differemt purposes and organisations is the way to go. In addition with publishing the secret view keys to these wallets, it should help to follow the flow of money.

Helptab Incomming Wallet

This wallet will recieve the rewards from our users activities. It is the start of Monero flowing and can also be used by miners as the wallet to mine to. With the secret view key, you can follow the transactions in this wallet closely. From this wallet, payments are only made to the "Operating Wallet", the "Monthly Givewaway Wallet" and the distincts wallets for the help organisations.

Wallet ID 47WFpwjcGUjippVcMLBJPsBuNEQ96Ao6u1KP3LQ4AFoeN6qZjyyLjLjYQbR1MXHLvtV6pKzgMdNZjEL3mGuzPdjA2hUFXiA
Secret View Key ea7b785de9bfaf166b63188b6813be114bfd5d7c175c7f40616b0d175a7ddc0a

Helptab Jackpot Wallet

This wallet funds the monthly giveaway. 5% of the incomming donations (Helptab incomming wallet) is going to this wallet and will be used to pay the lucky winners. If you want to donate to this wallet, feel free to do so. Please note that individual donations to this wallet do not influence the timing of the draw. However, at the moment of the draw, your individual donation amount would be added to the pot.

Wallet ID 48YBftQsgY59wNaFTDMsSG7JZuZ2CHyTVgwXKKgYkFfDdesSRmcNQCVRNFvAWpRT6UZ7KJah83pvdHT8C8YjycRD3urcr1V
Secret View Key 344f614936219a39e0c8e1f5adc9ca333f05c5b97922ef1b9b55da477efa9c0a

Helptab Operating Wallet

This wallet funds the operation of helptab.org. XMR going to this wallet will be used to pay for stuff around the project. At the beginning this will be 25% of the incomming donations (from Helptab incomming wallet). It is kind of a small salary for us. This can be hosting, developement, consulting (mostely lawy and tax) or a beer after work. If you want to directly support Helptab.org without donating to any of the organisations, you can donate to this wallet. This wallet is also used to help with rent and other costs of living.

Wallet ID 48XUM1yb2tCX1XFUmXcgXj85G13KUeztmZESkDjcuv2D7hLXS2y1jXaHAvuEjdkifkVACQ58DK3auQAzSZyH81KW4gWdzuG
Secret View Key 383b8e8ab5582ed3ba59fffdb990aac6cf36b0e1a6d08d9fe18010f06010370e