How HelpTab works.

How to start donating?

Go to your computer, make sure you are online.

Visit and select your favorite project.

Click the "Start Mining" button to start donating.

If you have problems visit the troubleshooting page.

What is my computer doing?

Your computer now starts solving small computing tasks.

With the donating tab open in the background you donate, even when doing other things.

Simplified: For every task solved, a small piece of crypto currency is created.

We record these pieces and forward a collected sum to the charity project.

Learn more about what your computer is doing.

What can I do to improve donations?

Play with the settings to make your donations more efficient.

Donations happen constantly. When you stay longer, you donate more.

More people supporting a single project will make it earn more.

Learn more about what helptab is doing.

Benefits of your own account

Creating an own account comes with zero obligations.

Get access to your own statistics and donation history.

Join the jackpot and win up to 5% of the donations raised.

Go here to Sign Up for your account.

To recieve donations: To apply for an own project page, please create a user account first and contact us through the submission form.