About this charity

Triple A is mostly run by volunteers, dedicated to help and care for the abandoned and abused animals on the Costa del Sol in the Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara area. They give them love, shelter, medical care, and try to find new homes for them so that they can have a second chance for a happy life.

All animals, +/- 500 Dogs and Cats are in care until they find them a new home! They have a no kill policy and will never put down a healthy animal.

Your donations will be used to cover for expenses running this animal shelter (food, vet, electricity and water). Triple A is an officially registered non-profit animal charity association with number 02604 in Registro de Asociaciones de Junta de Andalucía.

Also known as "Amigos" of Abandoned Animals

Triple A is an officially registered, non-profit organization, mostly run by Volunteers dedicated to helping and caring for abandoned and abused animals, offering them dignified shelter while we seek a home for them.

Our Beginnings

In 1992 the first abandoned animals we took into care were fostered by us in our homes. Shortly after the town of Marbella allowed us to keep our dogs and cats in the old abattoir, not the best place to keep live animals considering the condition of the building.

Our Work

To protect and take care of homeless and unfortunate animals who have been abandoned by their owners. We try to re-home them and give them a second opportunity to a better life. As there are not enough permanent homes in Spain, we have agreements with Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Finland and Sweden as some other countries who adopt the majority of our dogs.

We also work for a better future for these animals by financing informative campaigns on spaying and neutering, raising public awareness as to proper care and treatment of these animals and carrying out workshops to educate both adults and school children. Triple A cooperates with the city of Marbella to shelter the animals that its municipal services collect from city streets as well as those that are abandoned.

We actively support other animal protection groups, such as:

  • Europaischer Tier-und Naturschults e.V, Germany
  • And we are part of the new TIDUS federation, Malaga.
  • And if possible other animal rescue centres arround Marbella.

Our Needs

Triple A does not receive any finance from the Central Government, the Regional Government, We only survive by membership fees, sponsors, donations, organising events, legacies, selling second hand items,etc.

The Marbella Town Council helps Triple A financially with a yearly donation and by subsidising its electricity consumption.

We look after more than 400 dogs and 150 cats, giving full-time work to several employees and two veterinarians. Monthly maintenance fees for the shelter exceed €30,000.

Our Dream

  • Firstly our aim is to reduce the amount of pets being abandoned by introducing a Sterilisation Campaign together with the Town Hall of Marbella and the College of Veterinary Surgeons as this is the key to reduce numbers.
  • Have many pets adopted in loving homes.
  • To receive regular financial support from the Spanish authorities.
  • To make Triple A into a model municipal pound to be followed by the rest of Spain.
  • To have sufficient funds in order to improve the appearance of the buildings i.e. construction work, painting, improve the sewage system, connect up to running water.
  • To build a puppy enclosure safe and hygienic to avoid contamination by virus.
  • To enlarge some dog kennels to avoid overcrowding.